An ode to our Culture

Welcome to the vibrant space of art, culture, tradition and literature!!

The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati is the most cherished cultural destinations in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Striving consistently to preserve, cherish and nurture the great legacy of the Telugus, CCVA ensures that all forms of art, culture, tradition and literature are rightly showcased to the world.

PM’s Quote on Culture

“Over an extended period of time, if a culture does not entail any traditions, if there are no values or if there is no awareness or social consciousness, a heritage tradition can never be developed.” – Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India


Art Gallery

Spread over 4,000 Sq ft, The Art Gallery at CCVA is well equipped with the state of the art, fully air conditioned infrastructure to accommodate and display exhibits of small to large gamut. Our Art Gallery had the great opportunity to host and present some of the remarkable artists of this era. We ensure smooth flow of all the art related events, with trained personnel who are always around to assist the artists coming from different corners of the world.

Literary Wing

Our literary wing is spread across 1,500 Sq ft with a capacity to seat more than 100 delegates. Equipped with the latest AV technology, the literary wing is ideal for all kinds of seminars and sessions like book launches, book reading, writer’s meets, literary discussions etc.

Cultural Centre

Our Cultural Centre is a fully functional studio for conducting workshops and demonstrations. We had the privilege of conducting and hosting some of the widely acclaimed art fairs, events, and exhibitions so far. A perfect destination for performing arts & culture like folk, tribal, classical dances, theatre arts and handicrafts, CCVA welcomes all the patrons and connoisseurs to come and experience the indulging ambiance.

Flagship Programs

Flagship Programs that empower Society

At CCVA, we conduct flagship programs that impact the society in terms of awareness and learning. We make sure that priceless pieces left behind by the old world are carefully preserved, while also educating the current generation about the importance, value and the need to do so. While preserving for posterity, we have identified nearly 100 sites that required restoration and preservation of monumental remains. While on the mission, we make sure to educate the locals about the significance of those remains. As many as 100 villages have been impacted through our program, spreading awareness to more than 15,000 people so far.

Initiatives that Wowed the World

CCVA has seen fruition to the continuous efforts and engagement into restoring art and heritage of the Telugus. Some of our initiatives have been recognized at various levels.