Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at CCVA is well equipped with the state of the art, fully air-conditioned infrastructure to accommodate and display exhibits of small to large gatherings. Flaunting functional AV technology, a tasteful conference hall, and an excellent library, the art gallery hosts and showcases remarkable artists. We ensure a smooth flow of all the art-related events, with trained personnel who assist the artists coming from different corners of the world.

Theart gallery at CCVA organizes solo, group and thematic art shows, art camps for adults and children, art residencies, interactions, art competitions, art education programs, art talks, film shows on master artists, training programs for upcoming artists (this includes capacity building and upgrading the skills of traditional artists), adoption of economically backward young artists, creating art lab, art fair, city beautification schemes (wall murals and scrap sculpture parks), sculpture camps (different media forms), art biennales, night art activities, art consultancies, documentation of dying arts (folk and tribal), prison art programs (arts in corrections), community art development programs and public art engagement programs.